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Common Auto Injuries Treated by a Chiropractor in St Louis MO

Common Auto Injuries Treated by a Chiropractorin St. Louis, MOIf you’ve suffered from an auto injury, it may be time to see St. Louis chiropractor Dr. Holland. Injuries sustained in a car accident often involve delicate tissues that can take years to heal on their own. They can cause extended periods of pain, disability, loss of income, and leave you feeling that life is passing you by.

With chiropractic care, Dr. Holland can help restore nerve flow and alignment to areas of the spine affected by your car accident injury. This can reset the innate healing forces within your body so that you can soon say, “I did the right thing by getting chiropractic care. I feel better and this auto injury will not win the best of me!”

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Many Different Symptoms From a Car Accident Injury

Look at the list below to see if the car accident injury symptoms you are feeling are among the primary reasons why many people decide on chiropractic care at the office of Dr. Holland, St. Louis chiropractor:

  • Neck pain that may be whiplash
  • Low back pain that may indicate a herniated disc
  • Overstretched tendons and ligaments
  • Dizziness that may be associated with whiplash
  • Cognitive changes (memory loss, inability to think, read or make decisions)
  • Muscle aches and pains from tissue damage
  • Radiating pain down the arm or leg from nerve impingement
  • Stiffness in the neck, back, or shoulder from a reaction to the auto injury
  • Inability to move in one or more directions
  • Headaches from whiplash or nerve impingement

An Auto Injury May Show Up Later

You may not have experienced any pain at the time of the auto accident. This is common although many others will experience serious symptoms indicating that whiplash, a herniated disc, muscle damage and nerve injury is present. Damage from an auto injury often includes all the tissues in the neck if whiplash is experienced. Fractures of a bone may not show up on x-rays until the third day after the car accident injury occurred.

Your St. Louis chiropractor Dr. Holland is well-trained and equipped to handle most injuries resulting from an auto accident. You can expect your chiropractic care to be very comprehensive to ensure that your healing is as complete as possible. Your chiropractic care generally includes a complete examination with testing to confirm an auto injury, necessary physical therapy sessions, nutrition intervention if necessary, natural pain relief methods, and chiropractic adjustments.

You don't have to live in the shadow of your car accident forever. Call your St. Louis chiropractor to start working towards a pain-free life today.