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Fibromyalgia After a Car Accident St Louis MO

Fibromyalgia After a Car Accident St. Louis, MOAre you suffering from widespread, chronic pain after a car accident St. Louis? You may have developed fibromyalgia related to your initial auto injury. Chiropractor Dr. Holland can assess your auto injury, and develop an integrated treatment to get you back to health.

There’s a reason why you may develop fibromyalgia after a car accident. During the accident, it’s possible that you’ll suffer from whiplash when your head is thrown forward and then snaps backwards. Delicate tissues within your head may be injured from the car accident. Tissues that are stretched and torn send pain signals to the brain and your muscles will contract to try to prevent further injury.

If the auto injury is not treated right away, a pain cycle develops. Pain signals are sent from the injured area to the brain and the brain overreacts, causing more and more muscle involvement. Before long, you notice that just about every muscle in your body hurts – without you doing anything to cause the pain. And that’s when you need St. Louis chiropractor, Dr. Holland to help.

This fibromyalgia pain cycle is called central sensitization, which causes a hypersensitivity to pain. Research studies prove that central sensitization occurs in patients who have had an auto injury. This has been verified with PET scans that show changes in brain function from an auto injury and fibromyalgia. The good news is that if you live in the St. Louis area, chiropractor Dr. Holland can help.

At Accident & Pain Relief of St. Louis, we offer our patients a multidisciplinary, individualized treatment for fibromyalgia and auto injuries. Your treatment could include acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, soft tissue treatments, and more.

By re-establishing the proper connection between the muscles and nerves with the brain through chiropractic adjustments, you will notice that the intensity of your pain has decreased, you have less pain overall, and you can finally start to get a good night’s rest. Your fatigue during the day will also lessen, an indication that your body is starting to heal from the fibromyalgia.

There’s no need to have another day of pain from fibromyalgia or auto injury. Pick up the phone now and call St. Louis chiropractor, Dr. Holland.