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Dizziness Auto Injury in St Louis

Dizziness After Auto Injury in St. Louis, MOWhen you’re involved in a car accident, you can almost expect a certain amount of head and neck pain as a result. However, sometimes dizziness appears after you receive an auto injury, making you wonder what is wrong and, perhaps most importantly, how to correct it. Fortunately, relief may be a few visits to your St. Louis chiropractor away.

Auto Injuries and Dizziness

Any sort of trauma to your head or neck region can kick off dizziness-related symptoms that include, but are not limited to:

  • Feeling like the room is spinning or moving, making it hard to walk or maintain balance
  • Being nauseous or actually vomiting
  • Having a difficult time concentrating, losing focus easily

These symptoms appear when your inner ear fluid is thrown off balance during the impact of the car accident. The crystals that exist in the fluid are displaced, which wreaks havoc on your body’s ability to correctly decipher whether you’re moving or staying still, ultimately affecting your balance and making you feel dizzy.

Cervicogenic dizziness may also be caused by trauma to the cervical spine, such as whiplash injuries after a car accident. The neck injury may disrupt the vestibular system, which regulates the body's postural control.

Psychological Effects of Dizziness from Auto Injuries

Not only are these types of symptoms hard on you physically, but they also affect you mentally. You may begin to worry whether there is more wrong with you than you initially thought or you develop anxiety when you are out in public because you fear that you’ll fall.

These types of feelings can impact your daily living and quality of life; especially if you start to avoid events or situations. No one should live that way and you don’t have to when you make it a point to see Dr. Holland, your St. Louis chiropractor who is dedicated to helping you return to your pre-accident, balanced state.

Auto Injury Relief with Chiropractic Care

Spinal adjustments from a chiropractor will help your inner ears redistribute the displaced crystals, allowing the dizziness to leave almost as quickly as it came. Or, if your dizziness is the result of a cervical spine injury, chiropractic adjustments can help to restore balance to the vestibular system. That way you can return to your day-to-day activities without the fear of falling or otherwise losing your balance.

Call Accident & Pain Relief of St. Louis and schedule an appointment with Dr. Holland. It’s time to lose your dizziness and regain your life!