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The Importance of Early Treatment after Auto Injury in St. Louis

Often, people walk away from car accidents, both severe collisions and minor fender benders, with no noticeably serious auto injuries. This fact is both a blessing and a curse; a blessing because it is obviously great news whenever someone escapes a car accident with no serious injuries to deal with, but a curse because a lack of broken bones or cuts can leave people thinking that their collision had absolutely no effect on their health.

In reality, a car accident can often lead to an auto injury that does not immediately make itself obvious. Here’s how it usually happens: someone will get in a minor fender bender, exchange insurance information with the other person involved in the crash, and then drive home thinking that nothing is wrong.

The next day or a few days after the fact, the driver will start complaining of back pain or neck pain. These pains, likely the result of whiplash and spinal misalignment, indicate that the car accident actually did cause an injury. If left untreated, these often-minor spinal injuries can escalate and worsen, leading to years of chronic back and neck pain, and potentially even causing decreased mobility.

See a Chiropractor to Prevent Chronic Pain from Auto Injuries

In order to catch minor auto injuries before they become major, drivers should schedule a chiropractic appointment right away after a car accident. At Accident Pain & Relief, we have doctors on staff that are specifically trained and experienced in handling auto injury patients. So if you’ve recently been involved in a car accident, call your St. Louis chiropractor today. Even if you don’t think you are injured, a simple visit to our offices might save you years of pain and hassle after an auto injury.

April 03, 2014
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Dr. Holland

We have a long-standing track record or helping people get out of pain with chiropractic care. Whether you were injured last week, or have been suffering from chronic pain for years - It might only take one visit to our office in Downtown Saint Louis, MO to get you back on the path to everyday health.