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St. Louis, MO Whiplash Treatment - Neck Artery Injury

During a motor vehicle accident, your head can be very rapidly and violently whipped around. This movement can injure many assorted areas of your neck, including the arteries that supply your brain.

The vertebral blood vessels are especially vulnerable, because they literally travel through the cervical vertebrae.

When your neck is whipped, the arterial blood vessels can be twisted or stretched out, damaging the lining of the vessels. This can cause swelling or tearing, and in some circumstances, can obstruct the circulation of blood.

Signs or symptoms of vertebral artery damage can be felt as a soreness in the rear of the head that gets worse over time, and it can be on either side of the head or in the center. In some cases the pain is felt as aching, and occasionally it might feel like a build-up in pressure or a pulsating feeling.

If you have these warning signs, it's essential that you get professional attention promptly.

If you have been in a motor vehicle accident, Dr. Holland is here to help. We can help establish the root cause of your problem and develop a treatment plan to help you reclaim your health. We have helped many people in St. Louis, MO recover from these sorts of problems.

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January 27, 2015
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