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The Symptoms of Office Work Injuries and How to Counteract Them

You work in an office. This means you spend a majority of your day at your desk, usually on a computer or phone. You may have realized the mental and emotional ramifications of this lifestyle by now, but do you know the physical side affects? Here are just a few of these potentially dangers physical issues that come from working in an office, and a few way to combat them.

Back Pain

Despite popular opinion, humans weren't designed to sit in chairs. The constant use of chairs by those who work in an office environment has a long-term effect on the spine. This causes back pain, especially lower back pain.

Get up from your chair as often as possible – walk in circle within your office if possible, preferably every thirty minutes. You can also do stretches within your chair to promote blood flow in your spine, and prevent any additional damage.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is the bane of those who work with computers – the constant strain and pressure upon your wrists is enough to cause long-lasting damage. This carpal tunnel syndrome can cause spikes of pain in and around your wrist area, making it hard to grasp things and even harder to type on a keyboard.

Make sure your wrist have proper support – invest in a soft keyboard support as well as a mouse-pad with a wrist support included. Stretches are key to keeping your wrists healthy – see your St.Louis chiropractor so that we can help get your wrists back into tip-top shape.


Stress is a problem for everyone, but especially those who work in office environments. Take time every day to wind down and pamper yourself. Participate in fulfilling, rewarding activities to counteract the lack of fulfillment you might feel from work.

Stress, unfortunately, can manifest as a myriad of physical issues. The tension stress causes all across your body can cause stomach pain, spinal pain, neck pain, and more. If you feel that stress is beginning to have a physical impact on you, head to a doctor promptly.

Our St. Louis chiropractors can relieve the neck pain, back pain, and other symptoms associated with office work. Seeing a chiropractor sooner rather than later will prevent you from developing chronic, lifelong problems.

December 11, 2013
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