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What are Cluster Headaches?

Most people have some recognition of migraine headaches or tension-type headaches from straining over a computer too long or leading a stressful life. There is another headache that is perhaps the most debilitating though – cluster headaches. Some women have claimed that the excruciating pain of these attacks is worse than that of childbirth and many people are forced to miss work during the onset.

Comes In Cycles

The cluster headache is also often referred to as alarm headaches because they occur at specific times every day. When a sufferer is in cycle the pain might come at 10 AM 6 PM and 2 AM almost like clockwork. There are even some people that are in-cycle continuously and have these attacks almost every day of their life. It should be also noted that cluster aches occur in only one side of the head.

What are the Causes?

Abnormalities in the hypothalamus of the brain is believed to behind the cause of cluster headache but the exact cause is still unknown. There are hints that hormones and genetics may be involved in the cause. Certain factors may make the attack worse such as smoking, drinking alcohol, bacon, cocaine, medications, or air travel and heavy exertion.

How Are Cluster Headaches Remedied?

The best way so far to stop the pain of these headaches when they attack is to breathe in 100% pure oxygen. Some medications also help prevent and control the pain but it's not known why these work so finding the right dose for each person is a hit and miss process. For instance heart medication, anti-psychosis pills, anti-seizure prescriptions, and steroids all have varying levels of absolving the aches in different people. Calming the nerves through a chiropractor, biofeedback therapy, or relaxation therapy may also assist in prevention. Hopefully more information will come to light on the causes of and prevention methods for these damaging headaches.

Many patients develop headache after whiplash or other auto injuries. Our St. Louis chiropractors can help in the diagnosis and management of chronic headache.  Studies show that chiropractic adjustments and physical therapy can alleviate many common types of headache like cervicogenic, migraine, and tension-type headache. Contact Accident & Pain Relief of St. Louis to find natural relief of headache today.

January 28, 2014
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