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What Can You Do About Back Pain?

There is no reason for you to grin and bear it when it comes to back pain. There are many things you’ll want to do to help get over the suffering from a troubled back, and here some ways that our St. Louis chiropractors can help to relieve your discomfort.


One way of getting rid of chronic back pain is to visit a high quality acupuncturist. These experts can help you get relief by placing dozens of tiny, specialized needles into your muscles at strategic points. Acupuncture is based on a form of Chinese medicine that has helped countless people find relief from all sorts of different conditions. The effectiveness of this ancient method has now been confirmed by modern scientists who have demonstrated that acupuncture provides clinical benefits for a range of conditions, including back pain, headache, chronic pain relief, and more.

Strategic Exercise

There are many health benefits to exercise, not the least of which is losing weight. If you are even ten or fifteen pounds overweight, you may find this is a considerable factor in your back pain trouble. If you’re looking for relief you can exercise to lose weight. You can also find strategic exercises that will help you find relief from your back pain. Workouts like yoga and Pilates can help you elongate your muscles, utilize your breathing, and get control over your pain. Our St. Louis chiropractors are trained in physical therapy and exercise rehabilitation, so can help you find the right, safe exercise to perform to reduce back pain.

Visit a Chiropractor

One of the most proven ways to find real relief from back pain is via a chiropractor. These qualified experts can help you by getting your body back in alignment. One of the biggest reasons people suffer through back pain is because they need an adjustment. A chiropractic adjustment can help your body get back into its proper position and help you get relief from your back pain.

At Accident & Pain Relief of St. Louis, we offer all three of these services all under the same roof. Patients who visit our St. Louis office can be assured that they're receiving the best, evidence-based care tailored to their specific needs.

January 31, 2014
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Dr. Holland

We have a long-standing track record or helping people get out of pain with chiropractic care. Whether you were injured last week, or have been suffering from chronic pain for years - It might only take one visit to our office in Downtown Saint Louis, MO to get you back on the path to everyday health.