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Success Stories

Bruce Shiftan reviewed 2 months ago
Quality Excellent-5 STARS ON GOOGLE
Dr Holland was INCREDIBLE,, had been suffering from a pinched nerve for a few days, and on sat couldnt take it anymore. I was lucky enought to find a dr open on sat, much to my suprise he was able to squeese me in that day. What Dr says come on in now ??. His follow up after each appointment is unheard of these days, calling each evening to see how everything was,, if you ever find yourself in need call Dr Holland.

Forever greatful Bruce Almighty

Debbie Johnson reviewed a month ago
Quality Excellent-5 STARS ON GOOGLE
I actually went to this office for my primary care physician. Sitting and waiting for my appointment I met both Chiropractors. Very nice! I had no idea that there was a Chiropractor Downtown! So, as a waited to be seen by my Primary Care. I filled out paperwork for Dr Holland, they took X-Rays and did the initial exam. Very thorough, Excellent listeners!!! I actually was unable to be adjusted that day because I really had to get back home. I went back at the end of the week for my "real" appointment. First was Therapy...Loved the electrical stem and the rolling, vibrating table! Then to top it off the water massage! OK...I'm feeling pretty good. Then Dr. Holland spoke with me, in detail about my neck and spine. Excellent Dr's, Funny-funny guy, very personable and really listened to you as a person!! Will definitely be a place I go to often and tell my friends about! Thanks for squeezing me in that day.

Jennifer Ansel reviewed 6 months ago
Quality Excellent-5 STARS ON GOOGLE
Dr. Holland is great. He always has time for his patients no matter how busy he is. He is very personable and listens to his patients. Scheduling appointments is flexible, convenient, and easy. Plus he sends text reminders for appointments, works well for me. Thanks Dr. H.

Keaira Tanner reviewed 2 weeks ago
Quality Excellent-5 STARS ON GOOGLE
Dr. Holland is a wonderful person and the people in his office are kind. The first time that my guy and I went to see Dr. Holland, he explain to us what will be going on at his office. He took us step by step and in 2 days we knew what was wrong and what was going on with our body. Please stop by Accident and Pain Relief of St. Louis and see for yourself !!!

Mary Ostafi reviewed 2 months ago
Quality Excellent
Dr. Holland is great in so many ways, I would recommend him to anyone needing chiropractic care. He is very personable and he takes the time to get to know you, beyond your injury. He is very gentle in his adjustments and has a natural ability to make you feel comfortable. I am amazed at how flexible he is - just give him a call and he will make time for you. Dr. H is also quite entertaining, with his larger than life personality - who knew that going to the doctor could be so much fun!

A Google User reviewed 5 months ago
Quality Excellent-5 STARS ON GOOGLE
This office is quirky, professional, and most importantly welcoming. Exiting the elevator onto the third floor you're greeted by a dance studio on the left and Dr. Holland's office on the right.There is an endearing sense of community with all the practices in the building sharing their office equipment. Aside from the unusual facts, I was properly examined and given exercise therapy for my recent knee pain. I felt comfortable with Dr. Holland and his fellow Colleague from Saint Peters because both graciously converse and thoughtfully listening to their patients concerns and opinions.

Kaycee collins reviewed a month ago
Quality Excellent
This place is great. I had back problems for a couple years now and have tried other chiropractors, but Mark Holland is the best. It has only been two visits and my back is feeling better. I would recommend this place for anyone looking for a chiropractor.

Ivy Perry reviewed a month ago
Quality Excellent-5 STARS ON GOOGLE
I love Dr. H and Dr G. they are very professional and were able to answer all my questions that I had very knowable about their profession. I've been telling everyone about them!!!