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Chiropractic Adjustments Concluded to Be Effective and Less Expensive Than Epidural for Herniated Disc Patients

Herniated Disc Pain Care in Downtown St. Louis, MO

Herniated discs have annoyed uncounted people that have visited our Downtown St. Louis, MO office. Fortunately, Dr. Holland has helped plenty of them heal swiftly and more effectively. Herniated discs, or "slipped discs", can be treated with several different approaches.

If you are feeling pain caused by a herniated disc, then you may be wondering which option may work best for you. To help you in settling that question, let's inspect two of the most popularly prescribed therapies: chiropractic and lumbar nerve root injection/epidural.

Study Compares Improvements from Spinal Manipulative Therapy (SMT) and Nerve Root Injections (NRI)

A group of researchers from Switzerland compared 102 patients, every one of them had chronically herniated discs validated by medical imaging. Every participant selected had already received three months of treatment via alternatively available remedies with no success.

The group of participants was divided into two groups. The first half of the individuals were treated with high-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulation treatment (chiropractic adjustments). The remaining half of people in the study were provided nerve root injections (epidural).

The organizers of the study obtained scores about the pain levels of every person in advance of the remedy provided in the course of the study. Later, 30 days after care, patients rated their disc herniation pain on the same scale as at the beginning. The change in the two reports was used to measure how successful the remedy may have been for remediating pain.

What did the research find about chiropractic adjustments compared to epidurals?

Just over 76 percent of the individuals who were treated with chiropractic adjustments expressed an improvement in their discomfort. In the other group, not quite 63 percent of the participants who received epidurals indicated a reduction in pain. These findings offer that chiropractic adjustments could possibly be more effective for treating to reduce herniated disc pain.

And, there is more. In addition to providing a larger amount of cohorts highly desired relief from pain, researchers also uncovered that spinal manipulation was more affordable. The epidural treatments were roughly $730 for each recipient. The chiropractic care was just under $560 for the same period of time. This amount of savings could certainly assist with anyone’s medical expenses. Spending less may make it more probable to obtain treatment of your disc herniation pain without added worry.

If you want a higher chance of pain relief and fewer expenses when it comes to your herniated disc care, give Dr. Holland a call today at (314) 588-9100 to schedule an appointment.


Peterson, CK et al. (2013, May). Symptomatic magnetic resonance imaging-confirmed lumbar disk herniation patients: a comparative effectiveness prospective observational study of 2 age-and sex-matched cohorts treated with either high-velocity, low-amplitude spinal manipulative therapy or image-guided lumbar nerve root injections. Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, 36(4), 218-225, doi:10.1016/j.jmpt.2013.04.005

July 17, 2023
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